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Langenbach Garden Catalog Buyers

142,715 Total Buyers $  95.00/M
6,388 3 Month Buyers $105.00/M
10,288 6 Month Buyers $100.00/M
18,793 12 Month Buyers $100.00/M
22,929 13-24 Month Buyers $  90.00/M
100,993 25 + Month Buyers $  75.00/M
  Fundraising Rate* $  75.00/M
  * No selection charges for fundraising  
  Counts through February 2003  


Formerly:  Langenbach/The Greatest Gift and Langenbach Catalog of Garden Tools and Gifts)


The Langenbach Catalog offers a collection of the world's finest lawn and garden decor, tools and related gifts including many times from international sources.

These mail order buyers select from a unique, yet practical, offering of garden tools and equipment, lawn and garden accessories, decorations and furniture and related gifts.

Langenbach customers are affluent buyers who appreciate fine products for their homes and gardens.


Special Dollar Selects
$50.00+ Buyers $10.00/M
$75.00+ Buyers $20.00/M
$100.00+ Buyers $30.00/M


A $50.00/F order cancellation fee plus applicable run charge if order is run ($10.00/M).  Mailer pays in full if order is cancelled after mail date.

Updated 06/13/03
Unit of Sale
Average $100.00+
Male 33%
Female 48%
Internet Website Sales, Sky Mall 
Sales, Direct Mail  
Cheshire Labels N/C
P/S Labels $ 7.50/M
Magnetic Tape $25.00/F
Diskette $25.00/F
C/D $25.00/F
Email Delivery $25.00/F
Overnight Delivery $30.00/F
Geo $5.00/M
ZIP $5.00/M
SCF $5.00/M
State $5.00/M
Key Coding $2.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
$50.00+ Buyers $10.00/M
$75.00+ Buyers $10.00/M
$100.00+ Buyers $10.00/M
Phone $25.00/M
Minimum Order
Records 5,000
Net Name Policy
85% + $10.00/M for unused names
Minimum Order 50,000
Database Orders
please call for details

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